Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Mash-up

Happy Holidays, Felice Navidad, Mele Kalikimaka, Happy Hanukkah, etc, etc.

In honor of my new favorite obsession , err, TV show GLEE I'll give ya'll a summary of the last few months around here with a written mash-up. In no certain order:

* Anime has had a pulmonary function test and a sleep study, both of which we'll get the results from at the beginning of January.

*Not having any idea how I did it, I apparently managed to BREAK a RIB! A few weeks of increasing chest pain finally sent me to the doctor to have X-rays show a break. Since I haven't fallen or been in any accidents I'm clueless as to how this happened. Amazingly the doctor said to do nothing different and that it should be completely healed around February.

*Actress tried out for, and amazingly (given her pseudonym) did not make the cut for the middle school play. Heck she didn't even get in as an extra! Am amazed and surprised.

*Action has joined the local drumline group. (thanks to my coming up with the $300 entrance fee, ahem.) He is loving it and so am I (being a former percussionist and drumline member myself).

*Snow has finally hit our area by way of the first (and hopefully last!) blizzard to the season.

* I have decided to pick up a part-time gig as a substitute for the area schools. At $90 a day and the ability to say yes or no to a job, I just had to give in.

*Starting in January I hit the budgets and start Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University online. Considering how little is coming in and how many, many bills there are to pay, I need to get serious about finances.

*Action's new haircut is a la Puck from GLEE.

*Anime's hair has gone from blonde and maroon, to black with blue, to toasted marshmallow blonde, and now blonde and grape with has faded into a more normal looking blonde with brown highlights.

*Today is Anime's 16th birthday! It seems impossible that I have a sixteen year old. Who now has 5 piercings between her two ears (which she suckered Mr. Ex into paying for the last two today).

*Mr. Ex continues to be a "fantabulous" dad (please note that "fantabulous" means selfish, shallow, and unconcerned with the kids' welfare). I plan to discuss his antics in a separate post soon, following a phone call or two to the state department dealing with child support.

*I start evening classes in January for my degree as a licensed practical nurse (LPN). I've figured out the only way I can do this and be successful it to go part-time. After my LPN I can go part-time to get my 2 year RN. It will take me longer but be a lot less stressful on everyone.

So until next time I leave you with a taste of GLEE