Monday, March 30, 2009

In Stitches

Isn't it funny how birthday seems to become a little less important with each year you gain?

Mine started out with a bang. Up early after working the late shift yesterday, I headed out for an ultrasound of my abdomen. I started out the radiology tech's day well as she "loved" my "beautiful anatomical structure". Apparently everything is where it's supposed to be and very receptive to being captured via ultrasound. I've always longed to hear that I have "beautiful organs". ;)

Next it was over to the clinic for a couple of biopsies. One was a mole on my breast, the other for a growth on my nose. The nose biopsy required a couple of stitches to close so I get to spend the next week walking around looking as if I have a couple of big black hairs sticking out of my nostril. Fun!

On the bright side, it's done. Friends and family wanted to know why I scheduled these procedures on my birthday. Why? It was the first available appointments and I want them done. Now it's just wait for the reports to come back.

The doctor did not start me on cholesterol medications today as she wants to wait and see what's going on with the liver functions being elevated. Apparently cholesterol meds would mess with those levels, so we'll wait a couple more weeks before starting.

I'm off to work shortly, taking in a big cake to share with my co-workers. I fully expect to be driving home in heavy rain/snow tonight as the meteorologists and predicting a doozy of a storm to hit tonight. Half of our state is already being hit with schools and roads closing left and right. Nothing to surprising though. I think I could count on one hand the number of times there has been good weather on my birthday.

I wonder what this 39th year will hold?

Friday, March 27, 2009




Feebly grasping at a lifeline.

Peering into the bottom,

rapidly approaching.

One more grab,

holding on tightly,

Hanging over the precipice.

Up or down?


I hadn't meant to disappear. The day after my last post found me in the ER being treated for hyper-emesis. It is something most commonly associated with pregnancy but is something that has plagued me since my teens. It's a little gross but when I throw-up I have the tendency to not be able stop vomiting. Since then I have been inexplicably tired. So much so that for the past three weeks about all I have done is work and sleep.

Now that I'm starting to wake up I'm able to see that much of the sleep is depression induced. Much as I've tried to fight it, I know my signs, and I know when I need help. Yesterday I went for a full check-up and started back on antidepressants.

The doctor visit was prompted by my cholesterol level and by a second ER visit last week. I thought I was having a heart attack, although it turns out it was more likely a gallbladder attack. So yesterday I was poked and prodded, and took my turn with the lab vampires. They took blood to check cholesterol levels, liver and kidney functions, thyroid functions, and , oh joy!, STD's. Why STD's you wonder? Well, Mr. Ex was not a faithful hubby and I never did get tested for anything when it all came to light. My lovely new doctor convinced me that it needed to be done, for my safety. So test we did.

On Monday I go back for an ultrasound of my abdomen to see what's going on in there. That will be followed by two moles that are being biopsied and a brand new prescription for cholesterol meds. In spite of my dietary changes my cholesterol has continued to rise and hit a new high yesterday of 298. Yes, you read that correctly. It is nearly 300. The bad cholesterol was 230 while the good was at 40. These are not good numbers and I am coming to terms with the fact that I will need to take cholesterol meds for the rest of my life.

Thursday will see my having my second mammogram in two years. The doctor felt a change in my left breast so we are following up on that. My mother had Stage 0 breast cancer (did you know it doesn't start at Stage 1? I didn't until my mom went through this.) I had a baseline mammogram done two years ago, at the recommendation of my mom's oncologist so at least we have something to compare the new mammogram to.

Strangely I am not worried about any of this. I think it's the depression though. I don't necessarily get sad, I become unmotivated and stop caring, instead.

When it rains it pours.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Special Design by PrincessK

Swing by One More Fairy Tale and see what PrincessK designed for me! I LOVE the layout, especially the flip-flops because I live in them once the weather hits 50 degrees.

You can get your own custom designed layout by PrincessK at Princess Designs.

Thanks PrincessK!