Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meet "The Procrastinator"

Mr. Irony has asked me several times if I'm excited about the house and moving yet. I was down to the big city on Sunday to get some painting done in the new house and, yes, I was actually starting to feel excited.


I'm completely overwhelmed. What exactly was I thinking when I figured I could get ready for this move by myself?! I pick up the truck tomorrow and I am so not ready. I had planned to be done packing/cleaning by last night so that I could spend today finishing up painting in the new house. Instead I will be here, in our old town, frantically dumping things in boxes. And as if that's not bad enough, I still have paperwork to finish going through back at the school. I usually work well under pressure but my procrastinating has taken on a whole new level right now.

My butt is sore from all of the kicking that I've been giving it this week as penance for procrastinating. To top that all off I forget to call and cancel the cable, internet, and gas bills. To my credit, I did remember yesterday but got nothing but a busy signal with the cable/internet company.

I'll get it all done, one way or another. I'm just feeling fairly frantic right about now.


Anonymous said...

take a breath and make a list. tick off once something is packed and ready and you'll be through it in no time.

just think of the reward when it's done, your new home!

Bart said...

This happens to everybody when they move, I think, even if they have a team of help. Especially in August. I agree with the make a list, take it one step at a time approach. In no time, you'll be in, and you can decompress...then welcome to the world of home upkeep! That's even more fun!

Vanessa said...

It will all work out. Moving is a giant PITA but once you are in the new place, the pain will melt away. Good luck as you finish packing.

Diane said...

Moving is very hard, but once it's so worth it. Good luck and go over to my blog, I think you'll find a little motivation there. :)

Anonymous said...

You'll get there you know you will!

My blog has moved. I'm now here so come over for a visit and update me on your reader etc

L x

Anonymous said...

Keep at it! I can definately empathize as I have moved twice in a year. And don't feel bad about the utilities...I JUST canceled my internet in Ohio. Yes, my name is Princess and I'm a procratinator.

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

I will not procrastinate... I will not procrastinate... I will ot procrastinate!

And yet here I am on the net when my house needs cleaned, my child needs a bath and I really should find something to make for dinner!