Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow Day?!

Aaaahhh, snow. Cold, wet, white, freakin snow. Mother Nature must be a little mixed up right now because my calendar says its SPRING! You know, days of sunshine, rain, sunshine, new green grass, sunshine, budding trees, sunshine. Unbelievable that the first snow day the school has called is at the end of March. What the heck will April look like? Maybe a couple of blizzards?

I'm just disappointed because Mr. Irony and I were going to celebrate my (belated) birthday by going house hunting. We have found our "perfect" home in a far flung suburb (think 15-20 minute drive into the city) and had a morning appointment to view (and photograph). Mr. Irony is still going and has promised to send me pics. Since I am almost 2 hours from the city it's just plain stupid of me to pack up all 3 kids and attempt to drive through the (still falling) snow. Waaah!

On the bright side I have an extra day to get caught up on those mountains of laundry that seem to continue to grow, even after I think I've scaled them. It's also a good chance to get started on organizing by following this. I think you could safely call me the queen of clutter or maybe organizationally challenged. I'm in love with this blog and bow down to the queen of de-cluttering! She is my organizational idol.

Yesterday was a movie day to celebrate the passing of one more year on this earth. We took in "Horton Hears a Who", and rented "Enchanted", "The Seeker", and "Becoming Jane". Wait for the DVD on "Horton", it was cute but not a must see on the big screen. We were utterly enchanted with "Enchanted" and "The Seeker" was good but the book is so much better ("The Dark is Rising" by Susan Cooper). "Becoming Jane will be the afternoon entertainment here today as I was too sleepy to watch it last night. Anything Jane Austen requires absolute attention in this household.

Happy Snow Day all, even if you're having wonderful sunny weather. (Sigh, I want some too!)

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