Monday, March 3, 2008

Influenza anyone?

Well, I guess it was inevitable. Two of the three children had it, Mr. Irony had it, both of my parents had it, about half the students and teachers at school have had it, why not me? At least I had a flu shot so the symptoms aren't quite as bad. At least the fever finally broke this morning. Now I'm just flat out exhausted with a sinus infection to top it off. Fun!

I canceled all piano lessons for today and seriously doubt that I'll make it to EMT class tonight. I took Anime to the doctor this morning for blood work and that completely wiped me out. She went back to school afterwards and I went back to bed. Screw the housework and laundry today. I'm heading back to bed for another nap.

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Vanessa said...

So sorry you are sick, feel better soon.

Do you take or teach piano lessons? I have only been playing a few months but love it. Somehow I feel the current teacher and I don't jive....