Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bits and Pieces

The last few days have been crazy busy around here. What I'd intended to be a peaceful day on Sunday was a busy day, visiting the cemetery with grandpa, the kids, and my mom, driving out to the old farms, combined with 3 hours of driving there and back. Monday was 9 hours of training for the new job, after which I was completely fried. Tuesday was parent-teacher conferences. I am, unfortunately, one of those parents that likes to touch base with each and every teacher (if possible) so that meant roughly 3 hours at the school(s). We also crammed in winter shopping (still need more mittens!). Yesterday was my first shift on the ward and today I head back in for another 3 hour training session followed by 7 hours on the ward.

I tried something new this morning. In an attempt to prevent a sinus infection I brought out a purchase from a while ago and actually used my neti pot. It's quite an odd feeling, having water run through your nostrils. I'm not sure how well it worked but it did show me that my nasal passages are getting blocked (yes, too much information). I'll use it consistently over the next few days and see how well it works to clear out the sinuses.

On the fun side I finally got my hands on a Wii Fit! Woohoo! Action, Actress, and I have all been using it for the past couple of days. I find that I enjoy it more than Pilates and I do actually work up a sweat. My favorites so far are the yoga and the balance activities. This morning I had the bright ( ha! pun coming) idea to use the Wii Fit in conjunction with my time under my sun light. (bright = sun LOL. I know, pretty lame). I was much less crabby when I was finished with both. Although the crabbiness stems from only having roughly 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night.

Hope you enjoy your day!


Shania said...

I want a Wii Fit so badly! I should probably get the Wii first though. And I could use one of those sun lamps. Perhaps I wouldn't murdalize anyone this winter.

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

I'm SOOOO jealous!! I want a Wii... and then I want Wii Fit!! And then you'd never seen me in bloggie land because I'd be on the Wii all the time.

At least until I threw the remote through my TV screen!

The Missus said...

I'm so afraid to use a Neti Pot...

I don't actually need to use one... But there have been a few times where I am all sneezy and allergy-like that I could probably benefit from a good cleaning in the nostrils! (City-living can make them necessary.)

XXXOOO always said...

Water threw your nose? Do you not read me enough to blow coffee through your nose? Well then you should read me more.. Warm coffee through your nose that is laced with whiskey, should clear the sinuses.

J at said...

Spending good, though somewhat time, with your grandfather, mom, and kids...SO valuable. Take pictures.

I have a neti pot, and it is strange, but yes, it works somewhat. Not a cure-all, but it does help with allergies and sinus headaches.

Wii Fit....I want one! But I'm too cheap to even buy a Wii. My friend has one, and she swears by the Fit. Sigh. Enjoy!

Vanessa said...

I want a Wii fit so much! It's on the Christmas list so hopefully Santa will be good to me this year.

I also swear by the Neti pot. Hope it worked for you too.