Saturday, November 15, 2008

Flying By

Where has the time gone?!?!

The days have simply flown by this past week. Of course getting up at 4:30 am every morning and then being so exhausted that I'm ready to go to bed before the kids are, just might have something to do with it. I have worked the day shift this week, meaning I start at 6 AM. Can I just say . . . yuck. I am not a morning person. . . at least not that early of a morning person! On the bright side the job seems to be going well. I am officially out of orientation and will start on my own when my next shift rolls around on Tuesday. Crazily enough, I like it. (Seriously, I never thought I'd like a job that requires me to wipe the behinds of people other than my babies.)

I got off my butt this week and sent in my initial application for college, leaving the actual nursing school apps to be filled in and sent. The initial application is for the prerequisites that I need to take during spring semester. I must be a glutten for punishment schoolwise as I already have a bachelor's degree, and half of a master's degree, and am now heading back for another bachelor's degree. Or maybe I just want to be paying student loans until I die. Yeah, that must be it. :P

Today was spent painting 1/2 oft the upstairs and rocking out to the radio. The kiddos are off visiting grandparents and I will pick them up tomorrow. Last night I enjoyed 7 hours of having the house entirely to myself (unheard of around here!) and watched 8 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and bawled my eyes out while watching the latest episode of Ghost Whisperer. All in all it was quite lovely and refreshing.

I think Mr. Irony is questioning my sanity when he came home to find me dancing around the house, paintbrush in hand, singing the lyrics to Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. Yo, I am a motherf***ing princess , ok?!

Now I have about 500 some blog posts to catch up on in my reader. What have you been up to?


Vanessa said...

Hey there! I knew when you were so quiet on Twitter you were busy! Glad the new job is going well.

The Modern Gal said...

Yay! I'm glad things are going well!

Diane said...

Yes, my reader is full. I manage a skim through many at best. Comments from me are slow, but I am reading. It seems like everyone is busy these days!

~**Dawn**~ said...

The latest storyline on Ghost Whisperer is *killing* me. I mean, rip my heart out & stomp on it, why don't you! I keep waiting for it all to be a dream & for her to wake up in the hospital where she fell asleep in the chair or something...

Sacred Suzie said...

I had to stop watching Ghost Whisperer, it just got too sad! I'm all for watching eight episodes of Buffy though, rock on.

How can people work at 6 am? That's just inhuman.

I think dancing around painting is much better!