Thursday, January 3, 2008

Caucus Results

With 95% of the results in for Iowa, Obama is in a solid first with Edwards slightly edging out Clinton. While my heart belongs to Edwards I'll still take Obama over Clinton. Someday this country will have a female leader but hopefully not after the 2008 elections. I'm not being anti-feminist ladies, I just don't think Hilary is the gal we want leading our country. Sadly, being a registered Republican and all, my vote next year is going toward the Democratic party as there just is no Republican candidate that inspires confidence in me. Why does no one ask the candidates "Why do you want to be President and what makes you think that you are the best person in the nation to take on this role?" Seriously. Why does someone want to be the leader of the Free World anyway? Most likely it's not to make this world a better place. Who is really so sure of themselves that they will spend millions of their own and other's money to persuade us, the mostly uninformed public, to vote for them. When did our nation become such a flock of sheep that with Oprah's backing, Barack Obama surged ahead to lead the Democratic pack? Not that I'm saying he isn't a good candidate but why does Oprah's support mean more than what Obama has to say for himself? Go Edwards.

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