Thursday, January 3, 2008

Some basic info, a little ranting, and a little raving

Back to reality and oh, how it bites. (Anyone remember that movie...."Reality Bites"?) After two weeks holiday vacation it was time to head back to the job that produces our main source of income. Yuck. My brain feels dulled by the monotonous routine of full-time employment. I have come to the conclusion that 2008 will be a year of changes for this family.....good changes that is. We had our year of bad in 2007. I'm thinking that one of the changes will be for me in the form of a new career. Education is not the field for me. What is? That's the winning question. Any answers? Suggestions? Comments? I've thought about being a scab and crossing the picket lines of the striking writers but, hmmm, I don't live anywhere near California and don't think I'd flourish in that environment anyway.

I have 3 children whom I'll call Anime, Actress, and Active. Anime and Actress are my daughters; Active, my youngest, is my son. Anime is a teenager, while Actress is a teenager-in-training (God help us all when she actually becomes a teenager!). Active is in lower elementary and is really, well, active. Between the three of them we cover volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and soccer. We are a fairly noisy household, especially on piano lesson days (I teach). Joining us in our home is one lazy dog and one (currently missing) hamster. This is the third time the hamster's gone missing and I wonder if it will be the last.

Everyone is tired from starting back to school and jumping right back into a full schedule of basketball and wrestling. It amazes me how many activities one can actually squeeze into a day. I work at a restaurant part-time and although I say it's because I need the money, sometimes I think it's more because it's one of the few times I can escape from the "hamster wheel" that we run on during the school year.

My thoughts are jumping around and around tonight. People amaze me and yet irritate me at that same time. Take myself for example. It irritates me to no end that others are so willing to critique and criticize my life, yet here I am blogging about it on the web! I am better suited to big city life where your neighbors are people you don't know who don't care what you do as long it doesn't impede on their own life. Yet due to choices made by my ex-husband we currently reside in a town of roughly 1500. Granted 1500 people is better than where I grew up (a whole whopping 600 residents) but is still way to small when you prefer to retain some anonymity. I hate the fact that others feel it's okay to comment about your life (alright, my life dang it) and honestly think that I should care what they think. It is extremely annoying that they feel the need to gossip about my life (which has been fodder for many a local rumor this past year thanks to Mr. Ex-husband who now lives out of state thus avoiding all the rumors and local gossip mill). Yes, I'm venting I know. I am not a fan of gossip and simply don't care to hear it or be the topic of it. "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"

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