Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Bits of Life

**Everything is better with sunshine! It's finally spring here. (Shh! Keep it quiet though, so Mother Nature doesn't hear. She might send a snowstorm this way like she did at the beginning of the month.) I'm contemplating actually putting away the winter clothes and snow boots today.

**Wow! What's gotten into me? This is the third post in three days! What the heck! Oh, wait, that's right. I actually have FREE TIME now. I'm not sure I remember what that is.

**I'm ready for some spring storms. I apologize to all of you down south and the middle Midwest that have been hit by some massive and awesome storms and tornadoes lately. You see, I'm somewhat a weather nerd and find it fascinating to peruse the radar and drive out to watch/photograph storms. I think the bug first hit me when we lived in Oklahoma and the F5 of May 1999 struck, subsequently destroying many suburbs. Yes, I'm warped. I hate the destruction these storms cause but find an odd beauty in the clouds and funnel formations. (Go ahead, you can mentally slap me, it's okay.)

**Yesterday Actress and I went bike shopping and this is what she chose. She chose the pink bike of course. Action has the same bike in blue. Are we cliched or what? Anime broke the gender color cycle by choosing a blue bike a couple of years ago. I am the only one in the family without a bike but I use Anime's since she so rarely does.

**Tomorrow is my last official day at school. I'll be there for a couple of extra days this week to finish going through paperwork and boxing up my office. It's rather telling, isn't it, that there are no tears or sadness within me for this ending. I have issues with this school that are a post within itself. The only thing I will miss is going to school with my kids almost every day and a couple of good friends that I've made there.

**More house hunting on the agenda for this week. I'm trying not to despair but maintain hope that the right sized house with an affordable price in the suburb I like best, will appear on the market when our loan is approved and we will be the ones to snap it up. (yes there was a deplorable lack of comma's in that sentence)

**Also this week I will go back to being a server in the restaurant I worked in during the school year. Would you believe I miss it (a little)? It will be mainly new people that I'll be working with (many who are new to the industry and thus require teaching - see I can't get away from the teaching) so we'll see how it goes. I have committed to working there until we move. Why you say? Continue reading...

** At the beginning of the debacle of 2007 I attended classes by the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University program. I'm sorry to say that I did not put them into practice at that time. Now, having spent many hours reading the blogs of Frugal Dad and Paid Twice, I'm planning to sit myself down this week and put that plan into action. I'm tired of always living paycheck to paycheck with nagging worries about finances.

***Yes, I'm having a little fun with "linking" today! :)

**Last, but certainly not least, I will be beginning the end of the divorce paperwork. I've put it off until the end of the school year so that I could give it the attention it deserves. I am doing most of it myself, to be reviewed by an attorney after Mr. Ex and I have settled on things (which may prove to be entertaining and frustrating) in order to cut costs. I mean really, why should I pay an attorney to negotiate all of this when it will go more smoothly between Mr. Ex and myself? Also, I can drive to the county courthouse and file the paperwork instead of paying $150 an hour for an attorney to do it. Just the initial divorce and child support paperwork cost me $1500! It will be a relief to get this monkey off my back (and no, I'm not referring to Mr. Ex as a monkey, silly people :P - the monkey is the divorce paperwork, which falls to me as he lives out of state).

**Now quit reading, grab your coffee, and go outside! That's where I'm heading!


Anonymous said...

Hey :)

I've just read your archive and i'm really pleased to see that with your most recent posts you seem to have turned a corner in your mind and are feeling much more positive about things. Hopefully the divorce paperwork will be painless and then when you move you won't have anything left to worry about

L x

CelticBuffy said...

Thanks lizsara! I think that ending my time at this particular job (not to mention the sunshine!) has helped clear my mind and soul of some of the depression that has been possessing me. I think I'm finally starting to see the end of a lot of frustrating things and am beginning to feel optimistic again. Thanks for commenting!