Friday, May 30, 2008

Random Bits

*This week marks one year since I got my first (and so far only) tattoo. So to be a bit brave and daring I have entered a picture of it in Sunshine's match the tattoo w/the blogger contest (coming soon, Monday I think?). Head on over and see if you can guess correctly. Let me know if you do!

*The highways are a bit scarier now as Anime has started driving. If she passes her driver's education test next week we'll be heading in to get her official driver's permit (and I'll be quaking in my flip-flops) to see how much my insurance premium is going to jump.

*Gearing up for another round of house-hunting on Monday. Will this be the day?! Will we find the one!? There don't seem to be very many new houses coming on to the market in this city, at least not in our price range.

*I have managed to avoid sitting down and setting up my Financial Peace plan. Reasons? *too depressed *the sun was shining so I had to be outside *the house needed cleaning *someone needed to play the Wii

*I had my first "stiff" at the restaurant. I had a table with split tickets; one person paid & the other didn't. Nice. That cost me $ out of my tips thus contributing to an already slow money night.

*With the help of Dawn I figured out how to move pictures from my Kodak P850 internal memory to the memory card. Score! Found pictures from a year ago that I didn't even remember where on the camera!

*I think I may have "worried" Vanessa with my desire for severe weather. I don't care for the damage that severe storms leave, but I have an intense fascination with storms and tornadoes. Before you get all "you come live through a few severe storms & see what they're like", I have. I lived for several years in Oklahoma, including when the F5 hit Oklahoma City, destroying several suburbs. I've seen the destruction and the fascination is still there. My dream job if I didn't have to consider anyone else? To work for the NSSL (National Severe Storms Laboratory) or to be part of a research chase team. Yes, I'm just that kind of weird. :P

I'm going to go drink my morning brew outside and bask in the sun now. You go enjoy Saturday too!


Noodle said...

Sunshine's ink party sounds awesome! I can't wait!

Drawing up that FP plan is the worst. It gets much easier after. :)

Vanessa said...

Sorry you got stiffed. That sucks huge.

I'm scared for you with a teenager driving!

As for the storms, to each their own on pretty much everything. I was just surprised. Me? Terrified of storms! Rain fine. Storms bad!