Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This Housing Update Brought To You By . . .

One would think that with it being summer vacation and me only working one part-time job right now that I'd be posting regularly, wouldn't one? Guess not. This summer has been crazy and is flying right by! I mean, it's July 9th already!

So. I would imagine some of you are wondering what's been happening with the house. Well . . . everything's good! I've been leery of posting anything for fear of messing up the good vibes or ju-ju or whatever that's been happening with this house. The appraisal was done last Thursday and the inspection on Friday. We received both reports by Monday. The house appraised at $2000 above our purchase price. Yeah! Nothing was noted that we didn't already know and have plans to fix so that was all good. The inspection did point out some things that we will do down the road, such as sheetrock the garage to provide a firewall between the house and the garage. We will also need to get up and cut out vents in the soffits for ventilation in the attic. The inspection did find that the motor in the furnace is not working but the seller agreed to take care of that and also to spray for the carpenter ants that were found living under the sun-room (and he put it in writing too!) But, all in all, everything is good and the contractor has a "go" to begin work! Yeah! The only other paperwork needed is a letter from the contractor to the bank stating that the roof is in good condition (only 6 years old but several of the shingles are not sealed down, a project we will tackle in August or September).

Now the packing begins in earnest. I let my landlord know that I will most definitely be moved out by August 20th. I also offered to post signs, ads, and show the house for her in order to get it sold. (I only asked to be compensated 1% of the selling price. Hey, I'm not that nice that I'd do all that work for free.) We've begun touring the local home improvement stores to see what's available for flooring, fencing, all of that fun stuff. Did you know that there's now a compound that you simply mix with water and pour onto your concrete floor and it will self-level said concrete floor? Too cool! We have an entire basement (ground floor? not sure what to call it as it opens up into the back yard) that is all concrete flooring that will need to be leveled so that we can install flooring without having to build a sub-floor. (Could I possibly use the word floor or derivatives thereof any more in that last sentence? Ha!)

We are doing the happy house dance around here. I can't wait to get to the point where I can get in and start painting! On the down side, I still have not told any family (other than my sister & Mr. Ex) that Mr. Irony and I are making this a joint venture. Yes, go ahead, say it. I'm a CHICKEN! At least my 20-year old niece has somewhat paved the way for me. She announced last week that since none of her girl-friends were able to move out and into an apartment with her just yet (she's been living at home since college got out last May); she is moving in with her boyfriend and a mutual guy friend. Oh my, my, my...the arguments that this little statement brought about. None of that side of the family is happy AT ALL! Except me and possibly my sis. Not that we're happy about it but we're proud of her for standing up for what she wants. My thoughts are that if she lives with boyfriend for a while she will realize that there are plenty more fish in the sea. Call me crazy but I'm kind of at the point where it may be better living together first so that if it doesn't work out you don't have the whole entire mess of divorce to go through. Yep, not politically correct I know but that's me. Anyway, she has my support because the kid needs someone in the family to lean on. (And since she went first I will not be known as the "evil" aunt who is leading her niece down a path of moral-decay for living in sin. Ha!)

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July (or 1st of July for our neighboring Canadians). I'll post more later on today and am hoping to set up a Flickr account with "before" photos of our new house! It's time for me to have my morning coffee now! Catch ya later!


The Modern Gal said...

Congrats! I'm glad things are moving along.

I totally agree on the living together thing. I learned so much about my boyfriend from living with him for a few months that it might keep me from making a big mistake. It's the 21st century ... it's not that strange anymore and living together without being married doesn't, in my opinion, cause a break down in "family values." I think in a couple of decades it will be a non-issue.

Shania said...

How exciting! I love the thought of painting and decorating. We've been in our house for 12 years now and I've done just about everything to it I can. As far as living together, don't people realize that signing a mortgage together is (IMO) as big a commitment as marriage?

Vanessa said...

YAY, so glad things are moving in a good direction for you house wise. The Home Depot and the like-stores are mind blowing. Self leveling sub floor? WOW!

Nichole M said...

That's so exciting! HOORAY! Now for the joys of moving... lol. :-)

Diane said...

So close! You will be moving in no time. Then you get to decorate. Hooray!!!!

I hope all goes well with your family. My guess is everything will be just fine. (fingers crossed!)