Sunday, June 1, 2008

How Cheeky!

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Yesterday Action and I went to the big city for a birthday party of a kindergarten pal of Action's. This pal moved to the big city last year and we have managed to stay in touch. The 6 seven-year-olds spent the afternoon at a science discovery center, watched a movie on sharks at the cinedome theater, and finished up with cake, presents, and play at a local park. The sun was shining and it was a great afternoon. Everything went very smoothly except for one little glitch that I certainly could not have foreseen.

The last stop of the party was at a local park with a wonderful picnic area. After cake and presents the boys ran off to play and I followed with my trusty camera to work on taking action shots. I hadn't gone far before my friend S. (the mom of the birthday boy) ran up behind me and whispered "Buffy, the back of your pants are ripped!". ACK! Sure enough, when I reached behind me I could feel the rip running right up the back of my denim capri's. Of course this was a day that I was not wearing a long t-shirt but instead a waist-length "dressy" tee. I couldn't even pull my shirt down far enough to cover the rip!

I quietly and quickly headed off to my car where luckily Anime had left her spring jacket in the trunk. After wrapping that securely around my waist I drove off to the nearest store (love Target!). Before entering Target I made sure the jacket was tugged far enough down to cover my derriere! I think that was the shortest amount of time I've ever spent in Target. I beelined it straight to the women's section, grabbed a pair of olive green capri's in my size, and buzzed straight to the checkout line. After purchase I slipped into the rest room and changed. I could not believe the size of the rip in my denim capri's! Apparently I must have snagged the pants in the middle of the right-hand side and from there they split over to the middle seam (you know, the one that runs right up the middle of your behind!) and continued to split and fray straight up! Oh, those poor people at the park who were exposed to the majority of my right but-cheek! I hope their eyes are recovered by now!

Surprisingly I was not as embarrassed as one might think. I found it pretty funny and have enjoyed sharing and laughing about it with various family members so far. Hope you have a good laugh too!

Following this little escapade we went to pick up Mr. Irony. Action needed a haircut and was talked down from shaving his head completely bald to shaving it with a #2 razor. It amazes me how this boy always wants the shortest cut he can get. He loves military style haircuts. Unfortunately his hair grows so fast that I could spend a small fortune keeping his hair in military precision cuts. So we tend to go short, let it grow out for 4-5 weeks and then cut it short again. Dinner was Mexican (yum!) and we set out for the drive back home after dropping Mr. Irony at his home.

All in all it was a good day. Unfortunately it was followed by a night of illness as Action had to sleep with a bucket on the floor by the sofa. Not sure if he picked up a virus or ate something that disagreed with him. He seems to be over it now and is back to his ever-active self.

We're off to the lake now so that we can catch up with some family over coffee on the beach. Take your favorite brew with you and go enjoy this sunny day!

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Vanessa said...

I'm so sorry to laugh at you, I really hope you are laughing too so I can say I'm laughing with you! That is funny and thank gawd for Target. What would we ever do without that place?