Monday, September 22, 2008

ABC, No It's an EKG

You have to think the tune of that Jackson 5 song "ABC" when you read this post's title. It's stuck in my head as that.

Today I'm taking a step in being proactive in regards to my health. There is a history of heart disease in my family and after the results my dad got a couple of weeks ago, I figure I'd better start looking after myself.

Both of my parents went in and had heart-health screenings. This includes checking non-fasting cholesterol, an EKG, CT Calcium score (amount of plaque in your coronary arteries), blood pressure, and Framingham score (risk of developing heart conditions). Mom's was great, Dad's was not. Since I tend to take after my father in everything except having healthy teeth, I figured I'd better get myself checked out also. So today I'm going in for the screening. The hard part is that is takes up to two weeks to get your results back.

I know that I have high cholesterol. I actually took a medicine for it for a couple of years. Then, I did a bad thing. I stopped. Why? I knew that I would be losing my health insurance as part of quitting my job. If I had not taken any meds for any conditions for at least a year then I have a chance of them not counting as a pre-existing condition when I do find new health insurance. Stupid? Absolutely. I also stopped my anti-depressants at the same time. Not quite as stupid as stopping the cholesterol meds, but still not a good idea.

I'm quite positive that the results will require me to see a cardiologist. At the very minimum, they'll recommend that I see a physician in regards to the cholesterol level.

Ah well. At least it will be interesting to watch the tests run today, particularly the EKG. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll actually stop for that pumpkins spice latte I was craving last week, but never got around to buying.


Anonymous said...

Good luck today! I had a pumpkin spice latte the other day and was very disappointed - not as good as I remember at all. Tasted sort of like spicy soap!

Shania said...

I should SO do what you're doing. I just know the cholesterol's high. I think instead I'll just have another latte.

Anonymous said...

How did it go?

Anonymous said...

Hope it all goes well.. and what is a pumpkins spice latte? I don't think we have those here in No Man's Land... we barely have running water...

Good luck to you with the tests..

Vanessa said...

I am sorry and will keep you in prayers regarding your health problems. This is one of my biggest beefs is the lack of good quality healthcare funding here. Plenty of great healthcare, but take the wrong scrib and you can no longer get insurance. Have pre-existing condition? Better take your vitamins and hope for the best. Those that have tons of money can weather the storm of illness but the rest of us, its a crapshoot. THIS should be a high priority for the next president.