Friday, September 26, 2008

Gaiam's Pilates

As part of my cholesterol-lowering quest, and just simply a desire to be in better shape, so that I don't die of a heart-attack say, oh, this year, I pulled out my Gaiam's pilates with Ana Caban. I purchased this set of tapes - yes tapes!- so long ago that they are VHS tapes. Shocking, I know. I have the A.M./P.M. Pilates Mat Workout. I faithfully practiced along with these tapes for a couple of years, then stopped, then started, then stopped for the last time roughly two years ago. How cow batman! What a difference two years will make!

I am not the limber gracefully dancer that I used to be (well, okay I am in my mind). I struggled to make it through the P.M. portion, which is designed to relax and help you stretch at the end of the day. Nothing too intense but I still had to take breaks. And my back! I seriously did not realize how poor my posture has become. My back hurt and yelled at me, telling me how much I've let it slack lately. (I have scoliosis - an S curve- whole 'nother post.) I was somewhat sore and very disappointed in myself last night.

This morning? This morning I woke up feeling less stiffness than I've felt in a really long time! Normally it hurts to get out of bed in the morning. My feet and back usually feel incredibly stiff and I shuffle along like a penguin (so the kids tell me) until my feet have loosened up enough to walk normally.

I didn't do the A.M. version this morning. I remember it as being much more intense than the P.M. tape. I work a double shift today so I decided to stick with just the night-time version when I get home from work and start with the morning version tomorrow. We also went for a short walk last night, something we need to do on a regular basis as it would do Mr. Irony just as much good as it will do for me.

Today we are serving up sunshine and good breakfast blend coffee. May your neck of the woods be just as sunny!


Chele76 said...

I have that AM PM set as well and I love it! if only I started to do it again regularly! :)

The Modern Gal said...

Ooo, I have a Denise Austin Yoga VHS tape that I haven't attempted in several years.

Good luck! It is amazing how doing a little bit will make you feel so much better.

Vanessa said...

My favorite tapes (DVDs) are Rodney Yee and Cindi Lee. I say find the one that motivates you and go for it.

Shania said...

I do the penguin shuffle too! Maybe I'll have to try the stretching, but I'll probably just think about it. Does that count?

Nichole M said...

hooray for starting to do something good for yourself! the soreness does blow; hopefully it will go away with more that you do.

Anonymous said...

go you, go you! Making an effort to healthy up your life is excellent x