Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Show Me the Money

We are all moved in and are now into the joyous? process of unpacking. The necessities are out and put away (sort-of) but many boxes remain to be gone through. Several of mine contain winter clothes and blankets, not to mention books. And more books. Mr. Irony is graciously leaving space for me on his (many) bookshelves. But I feel kind of, well, dumb, putting my mystery novels and other such books next to his history volumes, classic works, and biographies. I've read many classics, I just don't own them. Ah, well. I'll get over it.

The big job hunt is on. I've filled out and dropped off several applications at various restaurants in the neighboring city. I've even included a resume of all of my experience as a server (going back over the last twenty years. Man, how does that sound? Yes, I've been a server on and off for the past twenty years.). I've targeted the restaurants that are either the busiest (think major mega-shopping areas) or those that are downtown (classy, moneyed area). I'd really like to get in downtown as I am in love with the downtown, not to mention that it's about 10 minutes closer than the shopping district. Of course, the restaurant that was on the bottom of my "want to work for" list is the one that called right away to set up an interview. There's nothing wrong with it other than it doesn't appear to be as busy as the others. However, everyone I mention it to says, "Oh! You should do well there, we love eating there." So we'll see. If they offer me a job I'll take it as I need income soon! I did have two walk-on interviews at two of the places I'd really like to work, but both said they'd pass on the info they'd gathered to the server managers. One restaurant is an organic restaurant on the river, very classy & upscale. The other is an Italian places that is always busy & that is my favorite place to have Italian. At the Italian place I was told that they are hiring 4 - 5 more servers and they'd pass along my info to the appropriate manager, who would call me for a second interview. Ugh. Seriously? People, I don't mean to be snobby, but this is the restaurant biz. Servers are in and out like a revolving door. What place does second interviews? Am I auditioning for a movie, waiting for a call-back? Please. In every restaurant job I've ever had I've been hired right at the first interview. Ah well.

Keep your fingers crossed that I walk away with a job today. I just want to start somewhere quickly so as to get through the training period and get on the floor soon so that I can start seeing some green!

I am also dropping off my application to be a substitute teacher in the local school district. Subbing sort of sucks but it does pay $90 a day.

Happy Wednesday!


Sunshine said...

Best of luck on the job hunt.
2nd interview for a server?? That does sound a bit overkill to me too, as a former underpaid waitress during the college years.

Next year when Em starts Kindergarten I'm planning to sub when I can. Have to take a certification class sometime this winter to do it. But, got windows to pay for! lol

Nichole M said...

Whew... good luck unpacking. I feel for ya! And good luck with the interview(s). Hope something excellent turns up very soon!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Moving. Good luck with the unpacking!

I feel the same way about my books. I have the classics, but they look all pristine while my "fun" books are tattered from being read over and over. So, I'm not fooling anyone. I like what I like.