Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Procrastinator Strikes Again

So yes, I'm procrastinating on everything again, blogging, unpacking, job hunting, exercising. I am "The Procrastinator"! That sounds so cool, I want to start my own comic. The only problem is I can't draw! ;)

I did update my personal finance blog so hop on over there today (or swim over there if you're anywhere that's getting all of the rain from Gustav!) and check it out.

I am off to drink more coffee while I fill out 3 more restaurant applications that I will drop off this afternoon. I saw that Macy's is hiring. Maybe I should apply there? Except I couldn't afford the clothes even with the employee discount! ha ha.

I promise to be back later today with more stories for you, my lovelies. And for me so that down the road (like, mmm, this weekend) I won't have forgotten the events of the past month.


Bart said...

I'm sorry, but there's already a superhero called The Procrastinator. And those tights were ex-pen-sive, so no, you can't have 'em.

CelticBuffy said...

I could be his sidekick! Except I would never arrive in time as I would be somewhere procrastinating. The Procrastinette maybe?