Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Friends Once Again?

Thanks to that social networking site Facebook, I have been able to reconnect with two of my best friends from high school. While one of the gals lives about four hours from me, it turns out that the other lives only 10 minutes from me now and we are meeting for lunch tomorrow. This will be the first time I've seen her in almost 17 years and I'm nervous and a little scared.

You see, I allowed myself to lose touch with these wonderful gals during my marriage. Mr. Ex didn't have a lot of use for my former friends and there were always family events happening when I would have the opportunity to see them. For example, at the same time as this friends wedding, we were invited to a family reunion in another state so I didn't get to the wedding.

I've changed so much over the years and I'm nervous about meeting each of these women. We were young twenty-somethings the last time I saw either of them. Now I'm almost forty and have been through more life changing events than any one person should go through. Will we still have anything in common? Will it be a letdown to finally see each other again?

Or will it be the beginning of a new, mature friendship? The kind of which I've been so lacking in for the past 17 years? Mr. Ex's sisters became the only people I did things with during our marriage. One of those sisters I've kept for my own since the divorce, the others have dropped me in favor of their brother. My spirit has been longing for some real life friends with which to visit, call, have coffee, and just hang out with. I'm hoping that this long lost friend and I can find that once again.


Mary said...

Facebook is the coolest thing ever. I too have found friends there that I haven't talked to in 15 or 20 years. I hope you'll find what I have - that some things never change. I am chatting w/one friend right now about her obsession with purses, which she had back when we were in high school! Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't quite figure facebook out,, but I'm still working on it.. I've got part of it working right... I know a lot of folks like it..

I'm so happy for you..hope it goes well and you rekindle the friendships...but don't run off and leave us here in blog world...

cause I will drive up there.... I'm just saying..

~**Dawn**~ said...

Facebook is such a fun tool! I've reconnected with a bunch of old high school pals and I am sure if I didn't live 1200 miles away, we'd hang out again too. Blogging has allowed the same thing to happen. And it's all been good. =) I hope it goes well for you!