Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sinking job status & a Painful Knee

Remember my last post in which I stated I was scared about how this whole messed up economy thing would affect us, especially in the restaurant industry? Well, I'm scheduled for a whole whopping two shifts next week. That's right. Two. It would have been three except that I now have to take Anime to the doctor so it was dropped to two. Of course, everyone else has been dropped on their number of shifts also, so no one is willing to give up an shifts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and toes, and eyes, and anything else I can cross) that I am offered the aide position I interviewed for last week or possibly the aide position that I will interview for this Thursday at a competing hospital. It surprises me in a city with such low unemployment that I am struggling to find a full-time position. I could go to work for Mr. Ex and his brother-in-law. Excuse me while I finish my laughing fit. :) I know you should never say never (the story of my life!) but in that instance? NEVER! I can not cold call people trying to sell them advertising space. I'd rather be a bartender! (The bartenders seems to be doing well around here lately. Why is it when things get tough, people spend more at the bar?! Hmm.)

Anime had her follow up appointment for her knee yesterday. Not good. Pain all around her knee wherever the doctor touched ( and I do mean touched, not pushed or palpated, just simply touched). Monday will find us at the orthopedic surgeon's office for (most likely) an MRI of the knee to find out what exactly is going on in there. Our doctor did say that the post-strep arthritis may be complicating things as she's been having severe cramps in her calf since damaging the knee, and she has lots of pain after the knee is in one position for any extended amount of time. I'm just hoping and praying that whatever it is can be remedied through physical therapy and time. Why? We have NO INSURANCE and knee surgery is an expense that will take me years to pay for. Not good when you're trying to get a handle on your debt. Not that any of this will be cheap but at least it will be less expensive than surgery.

I'm off now to finish up my hot chai tea and then work on getting some of the painting in the living room finished. I work tonight and hope that it will be at least somewhat busy and that I won't be sent home early like last Saturday night.

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Nichole M said...

ooo boy. No insurance. MRIs are expensive. (I've had one and had to pay for it.) They're not used to people paying cash, so it might be worth it calling the MRI place's billing department, explaining your situation, and seeing if they can not only lower the price, but offer you some sort of payment plan. I got no interest for a year.

Good luck, and I hope it ends with the MRI.