Saturday, October 18, 2008

Your Weekend Update

Another week gone, it's already October 18! Where is all of the time going?!

Anime has had two sessions of physical therapy. It seems that she also has bursitis in the right knee. Now the doctor didn't mention that to me but he put it in the notes for the physical therapist. That makes sense, considering the initial swelling was in the area of the bursa and that is where the majority of the pain is. I'm amazed at how much muscle she has lost in the right leg in just the two weeks she's been using crutches. It is truly "use it or lose it"!

The kids have gone on a short trip to a shopping mecca with my parents for the three day weekend that they have from school. I stayed home to work on fencing the back yard with Mr. Irony but the weather seems to have decided to not cooperate. It's a little hard to put fence posts into wet ground. Instead I'm playing around on my new Lenovo Thinkpad. This is the first major purchase that I've ever made that was all for myself. It was hard to spend the money but I will use it for school and for my writing, not to mention finally having a decent computer with which to edit my photos! I even went out and bought myself two sweaters! I must have a shopping bug. LOL.

Honestly though, I have very little clothing. I have about 3 outfits that were my "teacher" clothes, one dressy skirt, two dressy outfits (thanks to my "second" parents whom I got to keep in the divorce) two pairs of jeans, 3 sweatshirts, one pair of sweatpants, and a various collection of T-shirts that came mainly from my last lengthy serving gig. I don't mind wearing beer T-shirts around the house and under sweatshirts but I don't care to wear them, to say, the kid's school, etc. My goal in shopping is to find myself just a few sweaters that are nice to wear with jeans and cords, and around the house when I'm cold (which is almost always starting now and running through June). I have to admit that I almost didn't buy the sweaters, even though they were from a discount retailers and it wasn't over $40 for the two of them.

Last night Mr. Irony and I were able to go out for dinner at Panera's, go shopping (for me and we found curtains for the living room), rent a movie and eat dessert in the living room. Ah the joys of a childless evening! :) Although, Mr. Irony's daughter and a friend did come home from college late last night so it wasn't a completely childless evening.

Today I have to run out and do a little more shopping, yes I know, it's becoming a habit! I have to pick up the now-fixed saxophone, exchange Action's snow pants for a larger size (before they all disappear!), buy myself some socks (down to two pairs!), and find curtain rods for those new living room curtains. When that is done I will then get to choose from 1)painting in the dining room/kitchen area 2)organizing all of my files - for which I need to buy a filing cabinet or box or 3) sort through boxes in the basement.

Or maybe I'll just play around on the laptop. : P


the mama bird diaries said...

The to do list of life never ends. I feel like I am always drowning in errands. So I too, just escape to my laptop.

miwise said...

I have a list of chores in my head that may never get done. Today I do have to paint the new garage doors. I'm waiting until it's a bit warmer. That's the best excuse I can come up with for putting it off.