Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Searching for Job Security

Finally, finally, one of the local hospitals called to see if I'd be interested in interviewing for one of the eighteen thousand positions I've applied for over the last 5 weeks. Okay, maybe not quite that many but I have applied for at least twenty various positions between the three local hospitals. This interview was for a position as a therapy aide in the rehab department. (no that "rehab" but physical therapy rehab) I have been amazed that it's taken this long. I guess having that EMT certification didn't mean quite as much as I thought it would as far as when applying for a nurses' aide or patient care tech job. I hope that even if I don't get this position, having met the recruiter and putting a face to the name will get my foot in the door for interviews for other positions. Seriously people, I've never had as much trouble finding a job as I've had these past two months!

Ironically, an EMT position has opened up in the hospital nearest to the town from which I've just moved. This hospital is about an hour's drive from my new home. How desperate am I feeling to get into a hospital position (with insurance!)? Desperate enough that I've applied for the position. The kicker? Folks, this is the ER that I talked about when I did my EMT clinicals. (To refresh your memory click here) Yes, for the right amount of money and health insurance I am willing to go to work there and drive 2 hours round trip. Of course, considering the way my job hunt has gone thus far, I probably won't be called for an interview.

Why am I looking for something other than what I'm currently doing? Yes, I like my job at the restaurant and I like (most of) the people I work with. However, I'm scared of what's happening with our economy. I'm worried that even if I worked 8 serving shifts per week (the max that we are allowed) I still wouldn't make enough to support the kids. As people start to tighten their belts, restaurants are one of the areas that are going to feel the pinch. My perspectives has changed a lot over the past two weeks as I listen to the news and read the financial blogs. I'm strongly feeling the need to be in a somewhat secure industry. People are always going to need the healthcare industry. That being said . . .

What the heck does it take to get into an entry level hospital position?!

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PrincessB said...

The HR departments at hospitals suck. It took me a while to find a job as nurse and I've been one for 10 years. They're just super slow.

Diane said...

Keep your spirits us ... You'll find something soon!