Saturday, June 21, 2008

Confusion and WTH?!?

I just received a phone call from Mr. Ex. It seems my words may possibly come back to haunt me.

He didn't say much, just that the kids are not to come to his home. It seems his home is not going to be his home any longer. All he did say was that he is moving to the city that we are moving to shortly. He asked me not to tell the kids; he wants to be the one to do it. I received no explanation, just a short 2 minute phone call wherein he stated the kids were not to come, he was moving back, don't tell them he wanted to, and he'd call later to explain everything. Being the generous (stupid?) soul that I am, I of course offered any and all help that I could provide for him. Of course now my head is spinning wondering what the holy heck is going on down there?!?

Is this karma? I don't want a bad life for him. It breaks my heart to think that this relationship he and Ms. Fiancee have didn't last. I know for a fact that it didn't start with honesty and that tends to be a killer in a relationship. I sincerely hope that my previous conversation with him and Ms. Fiancee didn't contribute to this. I want someone steady and stable for him. Someone that will truly like and eventually love our children. I'm lucky enough to have found someone like that, I want that for Mr. Ex too.

This means even more changes for us this coming year. For certain it means that the final divorce papers that were to be submitted to the court in two weeks will have to be rewritten to reflect visitation schedule changes. I can only assume that if we are going to be in the same state, the same city even, that he will want to go to an every other weekend type of schedule. I hope this means that he will be an active dad now. The kind of dad who goes to baseball games, school concerts, and hangs out with his kids. I want that for him and I want that for our children.

It will be interesting, though, to see how he and Mr. Irony get along. They have a few similarities but for the most part are very different people.

All I know right now is that my heart is singing because I DON'T HAVE TO MISS SIX WEEKS OF THEIR LIVES!!! (Sorry for the internet shouting but I'm so relieved!) I swear to you, this is how life was with Mr. Ex. Just when you thought everything was all planned, something happened to wipe it all out. It was a never ending roller coaster. Looks like the roller coaster is still going! I don't like these up-and-downs, I prefer a steady course because all of this drama tends to really wear out a person's soul.

Must have coffee now. This all happened without one drop of caffeine in my system!


Nichole M said...

Ugh. Such drama. I hope that won't prolong any legal processes too much. I think you need a little finality!

Anonymous said...

Freak, freak, freak, freak freak! Who does he think he is dropping a bomb like that and then giving you no details.

Ooh i'm all mad for you now!