Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Story Behind My Ink

This is my first tattoo. I went with a place easily covered (lower back) because it is somewhat of a private thing for me. When I do show it to people, their eyes are first drawn to the rose. Then they drift down to the years and get the "WTF!?!" look on their faces. What do they mean? Why would you get years tattooed on your body!? Well...this is why.

My grandmother was always the one I considered "the rock" in my life. I had a special bond with her that I still don't completely understand. When she passed away in 2005 it sent me on a downward spiral of depression and was (to me) the beginning of 2 1/2 years of my private hell.

Fast forward to Spring 2007 . I had started divorce proceedings (finally, after a year of knowing we were going to divorce) and was really feeling the need to do something for me. I had long wanted a tattoo but never could quite decide what I would get. I was really taking stock of life life at that point and determining where I was, where I wanted to be, and what I wanted from life. I decided that since a tattoo is a forever thing it needed to be something of extreme importance to me. Since the memory of my grandmother still guides my choices, I decided to honor her memory with my tattoo. The rose was her favorite flower, especially in full bloom. I chose to add the years of her birth and death as my living memorial to that woman whose life still guides my path. It is also my permanent reminder that time flies and you need to make life what YOU want it, not what others want for you.

When I was deciding whether or not to get a tattoo a friend told me that when you get your first one you will either not like it or you will start planning for your next tattoo because you love it that much. I guess I fall in the latter category. I would love to get another tattoo but still haven't found one that will be symbolic for me. I'd love to splurge and have a tattoo done by the boys of "Miami Ink". But that's a whole other post! :)

Now take your cup-a joe and skip on over to Sunshine's to read everyone else's stories!


secret agent mama said...

What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Wow..I got my tattoo after I separated from my husband and right before the divorce. I always wanted one as well. Now I want another and am planning to get it very soon. Ink is good.

This is my first visit over here (I'm slow these days) and I love your blog! You're pretty strong to be going through all that you are!

Vanessa said...

What a beautiful tribute to a special woman! Love it!

BusyDad said...

It's gonna be hard to top that one for meaning. Isn't it amazing how some simple ink can do so much?

Diane said...

What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother!

Nissa said...

I love it. I wanted to get a memorial tribute tat for my great grandmother. I might someday. I think it's one of the best reasons to get inked.

And if you get to Miami for the Miami Ink guys, I wanna come, too! yum!

G-mom said...

Awwww thats awesome! My oldest g-daughter said "Gmom can I have your ashes after you crossover because I want you with always." Shes' 14.
I believe tats should say or mean something yours is right there.

Noodle said...

What a great tribute! My grandmother is that special to me too. My daughter is named after her. :)

dan leone said...

I want to be honest CB, and say that as I was reading it, I wondered how getting a tattoo on your lower back is an appropriate way to honor someone's memory and then I read your post again. I love that you did this. It truly is a beautiful gesture.

Do you think you can "top" this one?

Thank you