Friday, June 20, 2008

A New Journey

A couple of weeks ago I applied for a position to blog about my journey into debt reduction. With all of the changes happening in my life this year I decided that this was also a good time to get a clear picture of my financial situation. I've been reading several personal finance blogs and have been inspired to start down the path of debt reduction.

Well, after some careful introspection I decided that writing about this for someone else was not right for me. I withdrew my application and have started my own personal finance blog. I was truly stumped as to what to title the blog. The only thing that kept popping into my mind was an irreverent homage to one of my favorite TV shows. Thus was born ....

CelticBuffy - Debt Slayer?

Not very original, I admit. Mr. Irony and my sister both laughed. I thought "Hey, if my title can bring you a good laugh, then I'm all for it". I'm not serious, I'm not an expert. I'm just me, a little goofy, a little whimsical, why not have a goofy title? The question mark is because I'm not sure yet if I can slay all of this debt. I'm not even sure how much it is! I admit to having a fear of finances.

I hope you'll follow me on this journey into debt reduction. I can't promise you that it will be easy (I know it won't!), I can't promise that it will move quickly, I can't even promise you that I will make it to being debt free; but I can promise you that it will be honest and interesting and, hopefully, make you laugh at my mistakes. Maybe it will even inspire you to start your own debt reduction plan. I'm looking forward to hearing your comments!

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Haley-O said...

I LOVE the title!!! Hee! Good luck with the new blog. It'll help you on your journey for sure!