Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ecto ate my posts

I know that I've neglected my computer lately. The number of blog posts in my reader more than proved that (612 at its highest). Since I actually had time at home today I typed up and saved two posts using Ecto, as my internet was down. Happily the net came back up not too long ago and I thought I was publishing my saved posts. Apparently I was not for they are gone. Lost somewhere in the blogosphere as they are definitely no where to be found on my computer. Bear with me please as I attempt to recreate what was already written. :)


Nichole M said...

That completely blows chunks. Sorry. :-(

CelticBuffy said...

It does. But I have now discovered that it was partly my fault. Apparently there is a little box to "uncheck" so that posts are not deleted when published. My little box was checked. As to why the posts never made it to the blog? I blame it on blogger gremlins (someone fed them after midnight!). :)

Anonymous said...

Oh i haven't heard 'blows chunks' for ages. that made me smile.

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