Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekly Recap

Major. Computer. Withdrawal.

For the past week we have been without a working computer. Actually the computer worked just fine, it was the mouse that was broken. Seeing as how we live in an area where NO ONE sells computer mouses (mice?) without an hour's drive round-trip, and our insane schedules do not allow for the drive time, we have gone without. The first night I was simply pissed because Anime is grounded from the computer and she had broken the mouse in an attempt to reconnect all of the wires that I had previously disconnected. In her feeble attempt to defy her mother she broke those tiny little prongs that make the mouse talk to the computer. The second night held a feeling of "Wow, I can get some things accomplished around the house" (Yeah, right, I went to bed instead as an extra hour of sleep is so much more important that an un-cluttered house, right?) By the third night I was jonesing pretty badly for my computer fix. I missed my news, my email, my blogs! I was missing reading what all of my twenty-something bookmarked bloggers were up to this week! (Okay it's probably closer to forty bookmarked blogs now. It's an addiction, I know, but if you fellow bloggers would just quit linking to such enjoyable blogs I wouldn't have to follow those links and find another must-read blog!) Yesterday we finally were able to get to a town large enough to have a Hell-mart, ahem, excuse me....Wal-Mart, whereupon Anime had to purchase a new mouse for the computer. And today? Well, let's just say that so far today many hours have slipped by while I've caught up on the antics and wise words of my (many) favorite bloggers.

We are back to normal level of loud here now. Actress has her voice back and is not shy about making sure we can all hear her. Action has been busy smiling at everyone to ensure that we all notice that he had THREE ,not just one tooth, but three teeth pulled by the dentist last week. He had them pulled as the permanent were coming up behind the baby teeth and the baby teeth were not even loose! These permanent teeth weren't just peeking through the gums, they were over half-way through. Action was extremely excited for his first visit from the tooth fairy. She didn't disappoint as she left a $10 bill for those 3 teeth. (It was all she had in her tooth fairy wallet.) The highlight of the week was the grounding of all 3 from the computer, the PS2, and the Wii. They were less than thrilled but so was I when I came home from class and walked into the mess they had created. I will overlook (for a while) when they have messy rooms, but when they extend that mess to my living room, dining room, and kitchen....well that's when momma gets mad! So they are now paying the price of their laziness with the threat of losing their TV privileges if it happens again. (what a way to strike terror in the hearts of cartoon addicted children)

I am off now to once again climb that mountain of laundry and prepare for work at the restaurant. (Oh the horror of working Super Bowl Sunday, as the majority of the crowd comes to only drink and watch football on any one of the eight, yes count them eight!, TV's hung throughout the restaurant. Or shall I say "Bye-bye any hope of decent tips?")

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