Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Night-time worries

Silly me. I thought that colds and flu had flown from our household. We have all had our bouts of illness this winter and I innocently thought we were finished. As I said before....silly me. Actress spent yesterday lazing on the sofa with vague complaints of not feeling well. She woke me about 3 am this morning , again complaining of not feeling well, but now she had the chills and a fever. We did the medicine bit and cuddled on the sofa, waiting for the meds to kick in. Like a good mommy I went to get her a drink, when she comes rushing in to spit a mouthful of BLOOD in the sink! Yes, BLOOD! I was dumbstruck, then panicked. Why was she spitting blood? Internal bleeding? Did we need to rush to the ER? What should I do?!

Common sense quickly kicked in and I remembered her showing me a loose tooth the day before. I had her rinse her mouth then I checked. Yes, the blood was coming from around the loose tooth. Whew! I had her lie on her side and a few minutes later she handed me the now completely loose tooth. Amazingly the bleeding ended once the tooth was out. Crisis averted! Could we go back to bed now please seeing as how it's now after 4:30 am?

Not quite. I let Actress crawl in my bed and we snuggled in, hoping for sleep now that the fever symptoms were lessened from the meds and the tooth was securely tucked away for the tooth fairy (yes....she knows there's no tooth fairy but she likes the money just the same). I drifted off to sleep (after calling both work and school to inform them of our absences due to illness). But it was not to last. Actress awoke with more bleeding! This time with a nosebleed. We soon stopped that flow of blood and finally (5:15 am) drifted off to sleep.

Anime and Action awoke semi-healthy and trundled off to school leaving Actress and me to some much needed sleep. She and I have now spent the day in our pj's watching movies (Little Women! Louisa May Alcott rocks! My Actress's real name is derived from her writing) and I have canceled all piano lessons so as not to infect any other children.

I so want warmer weather so the kids can get outside and I can open windows to let in fresh air! The kids have been sick more this year than they ever have. I don't know if we're all over-stressed (most definitely) this school year and thus lowering our immunity to illness, but my sick days are in short supply now. I crave bright warm sunshine to soak in, the scent of spring and rain in the air, green on the ground and in the trees, soft warm breezes to surround us and fill the house. Oh to sit on the porch and sip my coffee in the morning sun!

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Vanessa said...

The sun will come soon. Until then, I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!