Friday, January 23, 2009

Interviewed by Shania from Craving Silence

Below are the questions asked of me by the wonderful Shania over at Craving Silence. Talk about digging deep! You do your homework girl!

1. You recently reconnected with two old friends via facebook. One lived fairly close and you were going to meet her for lunch. Did that happen and if so, how did it go? If you didn't meet her, why not? (10/28/08) We did meet and it went well. We connected as well as we did in high school. In fact, I'm meeting her next week. Life just seems to get in the way of getting together as often as we'd like.

2. Has your relationship with your mother improved or deteriorated since your move? In what ways? (07/12/08) It has definitely improved. I feel like we actually talk now. I've been spending a weekend at my parent's home about once a month since October.

3. What new happy songs do you listen to? (05/24/08) This will require a post in itself! :)

4. You made a vague reference to a best friend who was really your worst enemy on 02/28/08. Care to elaborate? This one could probably be a new post if it's anything like my dealings with so called "best friends"! This can't possibly be answered in a few sentences, probably not even a few posts. It has "movie of the week" written all over it. It's not a story I'm ready to go public with yet (even if I do blog anonymously!)

5. Does the SO still have his weekly coffee date? If so, have you been again? If he does and you haven't, is he still among the living? Yes he does and no I haven't not been invited again. Again, not something I'm ready to go into in detail just yet.

6. Have you finished unpacking yet? Oh that. Yeah, I'll get around to that one of these days. :) Maybe.

7. As a nursing assistant, do you find your coworkers to be mostly kind or cruel to their elderly charges? I think that they are mostly a pretty good bunch. A coworker told me once that with this job I would find that I would become more giving than I've ever been and yet more judgmental at the same time. That is very true. They are pretty giving and caring to the elderly, it's the patients that are always on their call lights, always complaining that probably get the "lesser" care. Those tend to be the patients that are "frequent fliers" and those that just aren't very nice people.

8. Do you get angry at your wii fit mii when you don't reach your goals? (I totally do) Honestly, I haven't touched the Wii in about two months now. I think it's because I don't like hanging out in the game room as it's yet unfinished. Poor reason I know. Now I'm just plain scared of what it's going to "say" when I do get on it again!

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Vanessa said...

I hate it when my Mii on the Wii says, "looks like you've gained weight!" and makes you pick a reason it happened. ARGH! Weight fluctuates! Period!