Thursday, January 15, 2009


I decided to get online again to check the courses that I need (since I'm channeling some OCD in regards to all of this and can't seem to stop checking daily). All sections are once again CLOSED! I don't get this. It's a good thing I'm going in tomorrow to meet with my advisor because I am thoroughly confused. On the plus side I received my financial aid info in the mail today. It's enough in student loans to cover all tuition and books, if only I can actually, you know, REGISTER for the courses I need.

On the up side I made a new twitter friend today who honored me by using me as inspiration for his blog post today! Check out Deryl Sweeney II over at 2East: The College Living Blog. Stop by his website to check out all of the cool dorm living ideas also! Makes me (almost) wish that I were young enough to live in the dorms again. We all have our own roadblocks in life. Heck, I create half of my own roadblocks just through my procrastination! What do you do when you approach a roadblock? Do you give up, do you go around, or do you crash right through?

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Vanessa said...

Crash right on through! If you want something badly enough, pull, climb, claw and crawl to get there if need be!