Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Silver Linings with Less Storm Clouds

In a wonderfully cosmic turn, my alma mater has seen fit to gift me with an advisor. Okay, so that's not surprising at all considering everyone in college has an advisor. The cosmic/karmic part? The advisor is my (second) cousin that I just saw last week! She was my advisor when I went there before but I never dreamed they'd assign me to her again as I am switching careers. This just makes my day though because she's getting me in tomorrow morning! And it should be above zero tomorrow so I won't be driving in insane subzero temps! Woohoo!

Amazingly I am feeling so much better about this return to college now. Even though I STILL have not heard back from college #2 (am really trying not to let the bitter rivalries of the colleges sway may feelings towards college #2, it's hard though, being raised to be the bunnies fan that I am). Some of the better feelings may be my effort to follow through on this. I found Schmutzie's post through Chantal at Bread Crumbs in the Butter. I've been far too bitter lately and need to turn that frown upside down (okay that was really corny but seriously, I need to be more silver linings than storm clouds).

Today I choose to find grace in the small things. Such as:

~College #1 assigning my cousin as my advisor.

~My car that starts even when the temperature is -30 (that's right 30 BELOW zero!)

~Mr. Irony for not booting us all out because we're so insanely annoying.

~Having a job that provides health insurance at a fairly reasonable rate.

~Hugs before the kids head out the door to school.

Can you find some grace in the small (and not so small) things?


Vanessa said...

Wow, you've had ups downs and everything in between surrounding the school registration. Fingers crossed this smooths out soon.

Also? Your car starts in 30 below? That rocks!

miwise said...

I own a gratitude journal that has spaces to write five things every day that I'm grateful for. Unfortunately, I've been using this same book for years and still have empty spaces. Time to fill up the empty spots.