Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Online Registration Frustrations

I decided to check one more time this morning to see if all of the internet courses I needed were still closed. Imagine my delight and surprise to see that EVERY SINGLE COURSE I needed now had a new open section! Two courses were from one university and the rest were through my alma mater. I speedily filled out the online registration form and hit the submit button, delighted that my initial plans were back on track.

Of course it couldn't be that easy, right? Right.

I innocently assumed that since both universities operate under the same umbrella that I would be able to register for both at the same time. Apparently it doesn't work that way. The online form would not allow me to submit until I removed the offending universities courses (damn college rivalries, it even holds sway on the internet!). That done I proceeded to hit submit, still swooning over the fact that I would be registered and could go purchase (outrageously expensive) textbooks tomorrow!

EPIC FAIL! Here is the lovely little blurb I received upon hitting the submit button:

You are not eligible for registration.
Please arrange to see your advisor prior to registration.

Yeah, um, what?! Do I not have a student ID number?! Was I not able to log in to the registration area in the first place?! State college you haven't sent me anything in regards to advisor, registering, or anything other than than a little email stating I could register using the web advisor when I inquired about registration a few weeks ago. Back then would have been a good time to tell me that it wouldn't work when I attempted it. Just saying.

I sent an email (or two or three) off to the registration department but as I know they are all over in the main gym today processing on-campus semester payments/etc. I highly doubt I'll hear back from anyone in a timely fashion. Guess I may be making a trip tomorrow to the old alma mater to see what a gal has to do to be able to hand over her money for their (outrageously priced) classes.

Grrr. Happy Hump Day!